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Cross posted from my blog:

I have been really really lazy.

Been a long time since I updated here and have been doing very little work to justify that.

That is about to change.

I have some art that I will be wrapping up and posting and hopefully some big things happening in the next two months.

while you wait I have re-opened my store. I have just a bunch of my old sketch cards on there right now but plan to add a ton of other stuff in the next few weeks!
Hey all.

The Family and I are taking a nice much needed vacation, the GI JOE and MOTU art posts will start-up early next week when we return and get back to a normal daily schedule!

I had a blast drawing the Whovian Alphabet. So much in fact that I have started a follow up project.

I am working on a G.I.Joe Alphabet from the old cartoon. This one I am limiting myself on though. Where I sat and did all the Who letters as a single project, I am only doing one of the Joes a day. That way I can do the quick letter for the day and then move on to working on comics and other projects.

When I did the who pictures I did each one on a 4x3.5 card. I am going to be selling the originals so if there is one that you are interested in let me know. All of them except W will be $10, W is $5 and when you see it you will understand why...

Most everything in my Deviant Art gallery is for sale, and I am always open to commissions....
I will have a table this weekend and the MNCBA Springcon Comic Book Convention.

I will be available to do commissions as well as having other original art (Including a lot of the pieces I have posted here!) for sale.

If you are in the area stop by and say HI!